VIRGINIA BEACH, VA SEPT 12, 2019 -- With a new season just around the corner, Myriad Provisions is excited to announce its return to Virginia Beach, VA. After two incredible years of growing their book of business in Maryland, Myriad Provisions CEO, Will Johnson, and his team were presented an opportunity they could not turn down. That opportunity was to further expand client campaign efforts by taking on a new client and partnering with a major smart home security company.

The Myriad marketing and sales team made their move back to the Virginia coast and opened their doors for business earlier this summer; eager to go all-in on their newest campaign. While the firm accomplished remarkable things in Maryland, Johnson was excited for the venture ahead.

“I believe I am speaking for my entire team when I say we are so honored and blessed to have this opportunity to work with such an impressive, thriving company like our newest client. Not only will this give us a chance to show what we are capable of, but with the amount of new responsibility we will be taking on, we will be able to provide more opportunities to grow within our local, Virginia, branch.”


-- Will Johnson, Myriad Provisions CEO

Johnson reflected back on his time in Maryland and expressed his gratitude toward his expansion crew, stating, “They have played one of the biggest roles in making the move to Maryland and back to Virginia possible. It could not have been done without such a strong team of individuals, which I consider family!” The company and team have gained strength with each expansion and each new client campaign, which is a true testament to the overall culture at Myriad Provisions.

Since getting settled in their new office space, Myriad’s SmartHome campaign has proven to the new client that they are the right team for the job. The campaign has challenged the marketing and sales team in a good way; giving them a major boost in confidence, knowing that the nation’s leader in SmartHome Technology trusts them with their brand. It is clear that Johnson and the Myriad Provisions team have their sights set on big things on a local and national level. In this age of ever-evolving technology, SmartHome innovations continue to advance in design and capabilities, which is opening up endless possibilities for Myriad Provisions. These possibilities, along with the results Johnson’s team has already delivered, have made Myriad Provisions the marketing and sales firm to watch in the year ahead.

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