VIRGINIA BEACH, VA APRIL 8, 2020 -- Myriad Provisions is making adequate moves toward growth, as well as taking needed measures to social distance. They are conducting interviews as needed and limiting the number of employees in the office. By expanding the company, they are able to contribute to the community and provide jobs for those who have seen unfortunate employment loss. Contributing to the community is a large aspect of Myriad, and they are looking forward to what is to come out of this worldwide pandemic. Rather than visualizing the loss, Myriad is able to see the bigger picture and takes this time to use their social media presence as a big portion of their growth.


“Although this pandemic has made a drastic change, we did not let it have a dramatic effect on the results of the business. We have adapted to modern technology and made changes to adequately manage our staff’s safety,”

-- said William Johnson, President at Myriad Provisions.

Growth Opportunity and Friendly Competition

At the beginning of March, Myriad took measures to create a March Madness formatted competition with the opportunity to travel. With the disheartening cancelation of the infamous college basketball tournament, March Madness, the competition has since slowed down in the office with the widespread of COVID-19. Myriad has continued to host entertaining games, internal competitions and chances for employees to earn additional compensation. By putting on these contests, this further motivates employees to excel greatly in their careers and push through rising hardships. By keeping their staff motivated, Myriad is not only able to continue bringing in new clients but also expand as a business itself. Myriad takes great pride in providing excellent service to their clients. President and CEO of Myriad Provisions William Johnson stated, “One thing we realized is, as a pillar in the community, we must continue to offer employment opportunities and drive results to our clients over the years.”

As a business, Myriad Provisions has continued to open its doors to aspiring outgoing individuals who feel fit to pursue the field in Marketing. It is important to the community that they have means to help where they can and grow to care for their families in time of job loss.

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900 Commonwealth Place Suite 201 Virginia beach, VA 23464