MPI- No stranger to Growth!

Local Virginia Beach Marketing firm, Myriad Provisions INTL continues to experience ample growth & expansion. In the past week, Myriad Provisions’s team processed THREE PROMOTIONS from Acquisition Specialist to Corporate Trainer. We’d like to formally congratulate Jenna Oest, Justin Clayton and Amelia Panazze for doing an amazing job of leading by example whether it be in the office or in the field. These three individuals have remained consistent, determined and focused on earning their promotion. Consistently creating production for our clients, encouraging & motivating team members and staying punctual, professional and driven; they’ve proven their ability to manage a team for themselves.

"Covid-19 is a scary time for everyone, we didnt know what it would mean for business. Thankfully we have been busier than ever. Our clients needed a company that would help them reach their goals that they feared that they would fall short of. Since covid, we have doubled in size, and opened 6 new locations. This has allowed us to have more leadership positions available, and Individuals like Amelia, Justin, and Jenna have really stepped up to the plate."

-- William Johnson, Area Director

Additionally, Sarah Pringle earner her promotion to Junior Executive! Ever since she was brought into the Myriad Provisions family, Sarah has continued to show extreme leadership and dedication. This is shown in her ability to elevate those around her. She brings a level of positivity that is infectious not only throughout the entire company but to her customers as well. We absolutely love Sarah and believe she possess the necessary qualities for this position. We cant wait to see what the future holds!

“I’m excited for the future. This role will present new responsibilities as well as challenges, so I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue learning and growing.”

- Sarah Pringle, Junior Executive

We’re extremely proud of our future managers, owners and directors! Your dedication to the business has not gone unnoticed and won’t go unrewarded! Keep striving to excel personally and professionally. We can’t wait to see how your careers further develop, take shape and grow! Congratulations.


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